Zulu Nation Removes Afrika Bambaataa Amid Pedophilia Allegations + Now What?


Afrika Bambaataa known as the ‘grandfather of Hip Hop’ who introduced us to the popular song ‘Planet Rock ‘ with the soul sonic force is no longer a member of the very organization he co-founded 40 years ago; The Zulu Nation.

In a newly released video, members of the Universal Zulu Nation council announced they are currently undergoing reconstruction of roles and services, amid the recent allegations from more than three men including Bambaataa’s former bodyguard, Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey who admits to being a witness and or victim of Afrika Bambaataa’s sexual affairs with under age boys beginning in the early seventies. For the full letter read click HERE.

I Can Say That I Walked In On Stuff, And Said What The F–K Is Going On …He Travels With Late Teens When I Went With Him On Tour In The States, I Would Stay In One Room And He Would Have Boys In The Room With Him “Shamsideen Bey

All accusers that have come forward thus far are all former Zulu Nation members and are not seeking any monetary relief from Bambaataa. Last month, New York Democratic Committee Member Ronald Savage [aka bee stinger], 50 came forward to the public about his history of sexual abuse with Bambaataa. Ronald detailed incidents from his very first encounter [age 14 at the time] with ‘Bam’ at his apartment in the Bronx River housing complex in his 2014 self-published book  ‘Impulse, Urges, & Fantasies’, and again in new interviews with Daily News and BlackNews102.

Soon thereafter, another man, Hassaan Campbell [aka Poppy] came forward in an interview with ‘Shot97’ radio host, Star and revealed that he too was molested by Bambaataa for a number of years from his early preteens [age 12] up through his teen age years. Poppy alleges that he also bore witness to Bambaataa assaulting other boys in the Bronx River housing complex.

According to Poppy, ‘Bambaataa’ and ‘Zulu’ members/confidante’s were aware of Bambaataa’s ways and often covered it up to protect Bam’s image and brand. Poppy says that he met with Bam and other council members, and noted that Bam cried over the incident, admitted to being molested as a child, apologized to him, and stated that he would seek counseling thereafter and do charitable things, but Bam did not follow through on his word. Poppy had uploaded a video months prior to Ronald’s open interview last month and he took it down following his meeting but he decided to speak up again.

Bronx River OG, HalfPint, says Afrika Bambaataa had a history of suspicion for years. “I Was Always Told ‘Don’t Be Left Alone With Bam, or If Bam Tries Something With You, Let Me Know” – says Halfpint. Half Pint alleges that over the years, Bambaataa was a ‘cunning pedophile’ who chose boys that he knew he could manipulate, but he could also sense boys who were not interested in him. Half Pint detailed an incident [at the age of 12] where Bam followed him into the bathroom and pulled out his ‘penis’ besides him as he [Half pint] was urinating in the toilet.

Another gentlemen who goes by the name, Brother T was the head of 13th ‘UZN’ chapter, and confirms a similar incident with ‘Bam’ where he said that Bam tried to have sex with him. Brother T says the victims Ronald, and Hassan are ‘telling the truth’ and the inner circle of Zulu Nation knew what was happening with Bam and under age boys.

” Raheim, he was a teenager. We were in Bam’s room watching movies, through my peripheral view I saw something. When I turned and look, Raheim had his d–k out, and Bam was touching it, and then Bam tried to touch me and told me to take my d–k out, and that’s when I had the fall out with him and started knocking him out. Ahmed [Bam’s roomate] came into the room because he heard all the shit that was going on. Ahmed pulled me into his room and I told Ahmed what was going on, and all that came out of it was ‘Bam is Bam’ !  “

According to TC Izlam who recently resigned from his post with the Zulu Nation amid these allegations along with reported accounts from fan club members says that he is ‘heartbroken’ over the news and affirms that Bambaataa and Zulu Nation are two separate entities and should be treated as such.

TC confirmed Hassan’s story of alleged abuse by Bambaataa and says he has received death threats following his resignation. “Bam Was Not The Head Of The Zulu Nation Since 1994, But The Fans Kept Saying That Bam Was The Leader And That Was Not True. ” When asked if he thought Bambaataa was gay, TC responded: ” I consider ‘Bam’ as one of my gay friends.”

Afrika Bambaataa denounced all the rumors in a statement to the Rolling Stone and again during an interview with ‘Ed Lover & Monie Love’, where he stated that he does not know ‘Bee stinger’ in particular despite the mounting evidence that tells the contrary including former Zulu members confirming that the two knew each other.

Rapper, KRS-One ruffled many feathers following his response to Bam’s allegations. “I Don’t Give A F–K! – says KRS-One  ….. ” From his remarks it seems that KRS-One was comparing Bambaataa’s  ‘pedophile allegations’ to other crimes that go ‘unchecked in the hood’. What was more disturbing was when KRS-One said to radio host, Nore ‘Even If It Were True’ [the allegations] that has nothing to do with his relationship with Bambaataa.  ‘That’s My Man’ says KRS-One . Hmm!

Bambaataa’s room mate and UZN member, Amad shared similar sentiments stating that while he shared an apartment with ‘Bam’ , and witnessed young boys come in and out of the apartment, he was not aware of what was happening in his bedroom. Interestingly, Amad did say that his decision to part living ways with ‘Bam’ was  because too many ‘things’ that were happening.  Amad was reportedly stabbed alongside ‘Bam’ following a sexual assault ‘gone bad’.  Hmm!  A man name, Amad Henderson was recently named ‘leader’ of the Zulu Nation.

The Hip Hop culture is also catching alot of ‘flack’ behind these allegations. The ‘birth of Hip Hop’ allegedly began with certain forefather figure heads like Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Rapper’s Delight, Whodini, and now there are concerns about ‘hidden acts’ that were taking place behind the scenes since its inception. There is much criticism towards ‘hip hop’ for having  ‘homosexual ties’  now that Bambaataa has been outed by his alleged accusers, but that is a direct deflection from the real issue at hand.

The question is whether or not, Bam sexually assaulted under age boys?

To hear and learn that one of Hip Hop’s founding fathers not only coined such a powerful name like Afrika Bambaataa; he founded an organization titled the Zulu Nation and used his ‘fame’  and ‘good cause’ to lure young boys into having sex with him is truly heartbreaking to say the least.

Bambaataa’s allegations has opened up pandora’s box. Whether you believe that his actions are in part with the many things that are ‘swept under the rug’ in black communities there needs to be a re-address of these plaguing issues beginning with the silent code. Child Molestation from same sex or opposite gender individuals is WRONG – period. Any person[s], party, group that participate, cover up and or protect a ‘pedophile’ should be brought to justice.

In closing,

The evidence makes for a pretty convincing case that Bambaataa may indeed be a ‘pedophile’. Ronald Savage wants to change the law on the ‘statute of limitations’ for victims of sexual assault. Hassan Campbell wants Bambaataa to come clean and seek help,  and he is also calling the head council members that protected ‘Bam’ over the years to be removed. TC Izlam is awaiting a public statement from Bambaataa before he comes out of hiding and other victims just wanted to speak their truth about ‘Bambaataa’ and demand ‘justice’ by a jury of his peers.

Afrika Bambaataa is said to speak with Fox news reporter /radio personality, Lisa Evers this week. The interview will air tonight on Fox 5 [May 11] at 10pm est.

One Love PLUMS!

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