Piers Morgan, Azealia Banks, And Now, Khia Take Issue With Beyonce’s Lemonade Album!


Beyonce’s ‘LEMONADE’ album may be the best album art release of 2016 but for some, Bey has left a bad impression. Since it’ HBO debut, CNN reporter, Piers Morgan has dropped his two cents on the album via tweets; citing that the album was politically charged and inflammatory. Rapper, Azealia Banks said Beyonce was ‘jumping on the black wave’ after committing herself to America’s pop culture most of her career,  and now rapper, Khia has come forward to give her two cents.

In a new interview, Khia known mostly for her one hit single ‘My Neck, My Back’ had not one positive thing to say about Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album. Khia says that Beyonce’s entire visual album was a disrespect to the black race, the black woman, and she even criticizes tennis star, Serena Williams for serving as prop for bey [who she revers as the ‘lightskin hoe master‘].

Whew child, now that you’ve digested all this shady tea – lets discuss shall we. Khia may have attempted to ‘ressurrect herself’ and career with her latest move but it was all in poor taste. Honestly, I thought Khia’s commentary was pure entertainment beginning with her intro where she takes gulps of fruit from a plastic cup; how ladylike!

Khia says Beyonce showed the black woman as weak and desperate, pleading for the black man to come back to us and stop leaving us for the ‘becky’s of the world. Huh? Whether Beyonce was singing personal truths about her marriage or revealing the stories of others  in her songs,  tapping a few buttons of truth about particular black men was simply to highlight one of  the ‘elephants’ in the room.  Now that’s a lengthier subject but let’s not act blind to the fact that most black athletes, and entertainers choose, or cheat with women outside of their race once they’ve achieved financial status, and its trickle down to other black men who simply overlook the black woman ‘light, brown or dark] to get a chance at the ‘becky’s’ of the world.

The video, was tired, through and long, and it just made black people look bad as hell. You walking around with this blonde long hair but you want african kings and queens with real hair in your video. I can’t believe it. You got Serena Williams in the video twerking in this long slave ass video – says Khia. 

What’s interesting is that this is coming from the woman who had a hit record that demands men to lick her neck, back, her ‘p—y,  and ‘a– crack’. I wonder if Khia thinks her song, or men ‘eating her booty like groceries’ was helpful to the black community. I’ll hold!

Conquer + Divide Tactics

You Black Hoes Kill Me Wanting To Be Like These Lightskin Hoes – says Khia. Here we find yet another  ‘cancer’ in the black community – colorism.  In a time where we are celebrating ‘Black Girl Magic’ Unity, and Sisterhood, the evils of colorism finds its way to divide us yet again.  Whether, light , brown, coffee, caramel skin, or chocolate; we’re all part of the black race!  What’s so sad is that this ‘disease’ that was planted in our communities of color to divide us continues to plaque most of us.  A silent beyonce is a puppetier, a sell out, a house n—– who ‘s asleep, and somehow  ‘Superbowl’ and ‘Lemonade’ awoke beyonce  is still ‘a fake’  ‘phony’ not ‘satisfying’ and not really down for the cause.

Don Cheadle said it best.

” When An Artist Steps Away From The Base That Made Them Popular, That’s Threatening Their $$$$, Not Insuring It.  “


Khia clearly watched Beyonce’s visual album in its entirety; hence her bullet point breakdown but to go as far as saying that Beyonce wanted to show Serena [the darkskin girl] in a bad light because she is of a darker ‘hue’,  by having her ‘twerk’ for her was a far stretch from the truth.

Has Khia took a visit overseas,  traveled to Brazil, the Islands, or any parts of Africa? Women of color and different shades enjoy ‘twerking’, whining,  and ‘booty poppin while dancing. It is a cultural norm and not an adaptation from slavery. If Khia had done any research she would’ve of noticed that Beyonce and Serena was playing reverse roles in the ‘Sorry’ video. Beyonce mimicks Serena’ ‘sports illustrated’ cover pose and Serena mimicks Bey’s famous booty poppin moves in parts of the video.

Sorry, Khia but you missed the mark on this one!

One Love PLUMS!

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