Mathew Knowles Drops Business 101 Tips, Discusses New Book + Clarifies Family Rumors!



‘When We Live Our Passion, We Never Work A Day In Our Lives ‘

Mathew Knowles has become the ‘bad guy’ whose only good use to the public is when he’s making headlines about his personal life rather than his accolade in creating one of the world biggest entertainment stars of our time – BEYONCE !

By now we’ve all have become aware of Mathew’s closeted skeleton’s surrounding his alleged infidelities, children that were conceived outside of his thirty-year marriage to Tina Knowles, and estranged relationship with his daughter Beyonce & Solange post divorce from Tina.

Well, that’s all part of the ‘Jedi-Mind Trick’ says Mathew Knowles including the elevator scandal that caught worldwide media attention but he wouldn’t elaborate any further. While he refuses to discuss his personal matters, he did offer up a little insight along with a glimpse look into his life as ‘an educator and motivator’ in light of his recent book entitled ‘The DNA Of Achievers: 10 Traits Of Highly Successful Professionals‘ .

In a recent interview with Power 105.1 ‘The Breakfast Club’ show we or should I say I learned so much more about the acclaimed music manager, and one thing for certain is that Mathew is NOT suffering from any financial woes post his departure as manager from daughter Beyonce.  Mathew says he is still close with Solange and Beyonce and is extremely proud of each of their successes.

” I don’t need to be in a photo. My role as a manager is not to be upfront but to be behind and make sure everything else goes right. Most of the time I never want to be upfront, but now I have this book coming out and I’m doing seminars and expanding my online modules ” 

On Splitting From Beyonce As Her Manager: 

” It was the same as her mother, she wanted someone else to style her and the same with me, she didn’t want to have someone else to manage her but she wanted run her own business. We taught our kids both Solange and Beyonce entrepreneurship; they grew up in an entrepreneurship household. I don’t know about you but I sure didn’t want to be around my parents as I get older . I am happy that most of her team worked for me and I trained them [from her GM to her road manager to her finances] and that’s whose working for her now. “

Mathew transitioned from Corporate America to music management in the entertainment industry when he decided to purse his passion for music but affirms that it was not an easy walk in the park and took over 25 seminars in music management to jumpstart Destiny Child then known as Girl’s Tyme.

” Destiny’s Child was formerly called ‘Girl’s Tyme’,  ‘The Dolls’ , ‘Cliche’, and ‘Something Fresh’ . 

Parenting is about surrounding your kids with the opportunities that will help what they’re passionate about.

I’ve Always Said, If I Have To Tell A Child To Go The Practice They’re Not Passionate About It. ” 

Aside from the release of his new book, Mathew is currently working on a bio-pic film of  Destiny’s Child that will showcase their lives from the start of their careers at the age of eight years old up through the current period.

” They have so much material because they started so early. We’re talking since eight years old.”

Mathew is still the manager of Destiny’s Child and owns the trademark.  He says when the group first split he was at the head of the table but it was ultimately a team decision.

” Whenever there is a tour outside of the music, I get paid and I’ve personally written some of the songs. I am the co-writer for ‘Survivor’ so there is publishing that I’ll receive from some of the records.

My artist Le’andria Johnson was the number one female gospel artist in 2013 , and Trinitee 5-7 is the first gospel trio of all time, I have a country label with artist you don’t even know. I’ve had more number one singles with artists than Destiny Child has had. “

Mathew first act that he’s ever signed was Houston rapper, Little O. He also use to manage rapper, Nas when he was signed to Columbia Records. Mathew Knowles and then CEO head honcho Tommy Mottola are really great friends, and Motttola is a contributor of his new book, ‘The DNA Of Achievers: 10 Traits Of Highly Successful Professionals

So What About The Recent Rumor That He Was Auctioning Beyonce Items For Money:

” I have a block downtown Houston, 62,500 square feet; four buildings and venues. I have state of the art recording studios, ‘House Of Dereon’ media center, ‘Rice Mansion’ is a venue, then we have this thing called ‘Carriage House’ where we keep of bunch of supplies and we have alot of parties and there’s alot of old stuff there just collecting…. and so one of my staff said – Why Don’t We Sell Some Of This Stuff?. ” 

“…… Someone came up with the name Beyonce Boot Camp, which is not what it is; its a seminar that I give called ‘The Entertainment Industry’; How Do I Get In’. But I go all over the world and I give seminars. I’ve taught at Texas Southern University for eight years. There’s a degree program that I was apart of called ERM. I teach intro to recording industry at the school of business, I teach entrepreneurship, I teach artist management, I’m an educator. When you come to my class, you don’t go for free, you pay fifteen hundred [$1500] dollars, to take my class. “

And there you have it folks, Mathew is a businessman whose hobbies are much align with his career interest. He enjoys reading books, teaching seminars, and he enjoys being the smartest person in the room.

” My Thing Is Motivating And Educating – That’s It! ” 


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