Best Interview Of 2015: Minister Louis Farrakhan Talks In Depth On The State Of Black People, Social Engineering & More!


What Are We Going To Do To Prepare A Future For Our Children And Our Grandchildren! 

The timing of this interview couldn’t have been more prominent! I’d like to call this conversation the ‘NECESSARY TRUTH’ brought to you by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and New York’s radio ‘The Breakfast Club’ morning show. Talk about a history lesson! Farrakhan dropped so much jewels in this interview, and spares no-one as he discusses the plight of Black America.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Farrakhan’s epic ‘Million Man March’ which drew a crowd of two million black men on Washington’s capital, and 50 years since Martin Luther King’s  ‘I Have A Dream Speech’, and black people now have some serious decisions to make says, Farrakhan.

” Young people are not the wisest, but they are the ‘best’ because they are ‘fearless’, and when you see fearless young men and women, that’s the generation that God’s hand is on because that’s the generation that will fulfill the promise of their ancestors who died struggling for justice, and freedom. It is that generation that will deliver on that promise with the right leadership. “

In the two-part interview, the minister talked about his humble beginnings as a musician, his introduction to Islam being blackballed by the media and prohibited from speaking at black and white colleges, reparation talks coupled with historical teachings one of which he discussed MLK’s last speech, his assassination, and MLK’s concerns and awakening that he was leading black people in a burning fire with his ‘dream’ of  an integrated society without prejudice.

Farrakhan On Fighting For Justice Today:

” Singing In, Waiting In, Sitting In,  Praying In has not worked!  Marching In has not worked,  and the ‘oppression’ and the ‘tyranny’ is getting worse! So we decided to return to the capital on the 20th anniversary of the ‘Million Man March’.  The first time we went was on the day of atonement, reconciliation, responsibility. We wanted black men to accept the responsibility of being a ‘man’ and standing up for our women and our children and creating that strong sense of family again! But this time, [pause] I’ll put it like this. Elijah Muhammad said it to me one day. One day I’m going to call a march, and that march will be for JUSTICE and he said it won’t be like the march in 1963 where people were laughing and frolicking and having a good time. “

” When you say, your going for justice and jobs, that’s not time to party. That’s a time to be serious because the cries for justice against the forces who uphold injustices, now you got to have a mind now. What are you going to do move the forces of injustice if they don’t bow to the truth that brings justice. We’ve been living in the valley of the shadow of death, but we’re the ones dying! So we have some serious decisions to make as a PEOPLE! “

On Becoming A Muslim:

” I was not quite ready to join a new religion, but I was upset  as a christian with mines because I wondered why white christians treated black christians so badly and yet said we are all from the same god, that didn’t sit well with me, and my pastor never addressed the conditioning of racism in America, and the suffering of black people under that kind of tyranny.

……….When I came back to New York [where I was living] and I went to the Mosque and I heard brother Malcolm [X].

” Elijah Muhammad said that God was a man, and so when I heard brother Malcolm, I said maybe this is ‘he’ because I’ve never heard a black man talk like he talked.  So, I became a Muslim and a student under him and today of course we are at that point in our development where we are being forced now to consider ‘which is the way’ forward “

On Being Blackballed By The Media:

” When I did interviews the media they sent their best at me, and when they could not defeat our arguments they decided to ban me from television. They banned me from going to black colleges and even white colleges to deliver a message, so for all intensive purposes many people thought that I have died because they didn’t see me on television, but that’s been changing now. “

Every generation that we’ve produced has confronted racism and it doesn’t get better. We’re 50 years now from the march on Washington with Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement, and a few months ago, we were in SELMA celebrating ‘Bloody Sunday’ that made Lyndon B. Johnson sign a voting rights bill in Congress and in 2013 the Supreme Court comes back and guts out the protection aspect of the bill.

” If Were Going To Die Anyway,Why Not Make A Difference And Pay The Price To Be Free! “

Farrakhan continues:

” The only thing [they] want to know when they kill us is ‘Are You Guys Going To Be Peaceful?’. Well, should we be? That’s a question that we got to keep asking ourselves!  Everybody that stands up for us they say ‘Is this Going To Be A Peaceful Demonstration’? How can peace be there, if there is no justice there, and the government is weak to stand up for us and we pay the taxes of these people that shoot us down.


” We pay the ‘taxes’ for an education that does not ‘educate’ us properly that we can come out of school and do something for ourselves, we have to go back and beg them for what we could ‘unite’ and do for ‘ourselves’. ”

” Do We Want To Still Live Under That, Or Do We Decide To Confront Our Government!….It’s Not Much Time To Play With Life And The Future Of Our Children, and all these weak leaders who are apologists for tyranny need to get out of the way because our children are angry. Now, I would not mislead them in their anger to do something to get them killed or slaughtered but there is a verse in the Koran that says ‘Persecution Is Worse Than Slaughter’ ! ”

” We’ve Got Some Serious Decisions To Make! “…. I’m 82 years old and I don’t know how to much time I have left but I want to leave this world with our people in a better state but sometimes its going to take the sacrifice of LIFE to produce a better tomorrow. ”

In Part 2 of the interview, the minister addresses the ‘social engineering’ methods that are being used from the top leaders of the Socio-Economic ladder that perpetuates the oppression of  black people and poor people at large. Take a listen below.

The second ‘Million Man March’ will be held on October 10th, 2015.

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