What Happens Now? Donald Trump Is America’s 45th President-Elect


The First To 270 Electoral Votes

Like many of you, I stayed up way past my bed time awaiting the results of the 45th presidential election.  Having flipped through multiple channels, listening to the ‘all the news pundits’ repeatedly say its a ‘close call’ despite the number ratio, I became ‘weiry’ of it all.  By 9:30pm [est time] my anxiety levels had decreased and I was pretty assured that Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton given the score board.

Trump had already won the majority votes in more than 18 states, and Hillary had just reached her 10th win from the state of Massachussetts. Trump had also reached a significantly higher lead in electoral votes than Clinton. By 11:00pm Trump had 150 votes , and Clinton 109.

The ‘key states’ were not even in play at this hour, and we all know their vote was the ‘winning ticket’ for each candidate but particularly for Clinton who was behind in electoral votes.  At 2:45am the results were final – Donald Trump had become the 45th president-elect of the United States Of America. All of the key states votes [Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, and Michigan] were in and Trump had reached more than 270 electoral votes.


 Yes, Hillary Clinton Won The Popularity Vote, But Donald Was The First To Achieve The Electoral Win  And Thus, He Is The Winner 

The electoral college makes their final decision on December 19th, but as you may have heard Trump is already in transition and set to meet with President Obama on [Nov.10th] -cue the music from Game Of Thrones.

It is true that, both Clinton and Trump received lower voter turnout in this election. Reportedly,  46.9% percent of the 231,556,622 US population DID NOT VOTE. Clinton’s youth support [18-29] and among African Americans declined in percentages, and while Trump received less votes than Mitt Romney did back in 2012, he scored big time among college youth voters in rural area states and was favored among the ELECTORATES.

This was certainly one of the most DIVISIVE and BITTER presidential elections that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, and like many who disliked both candidates, it almost seemed impossible that Trump would actually WIN the presidency with all his rhetoric that he boldly bragged about and defended throughout his entire campaign. So Trump’s win was certainly a SHOCKER.


What was more disheartening for me, was to see the immediate shift in Trump’s acceptance speech where he called for a UNIFIED government with UNITY among the parties and the American people, and it was echoed from fellow republican candidate Paul Ryan who was against Trump in the primaries, President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

There’s undoubtedly no question that this was a MAJOR blow to the Clinton campaign, losing the presidency a second time, and you could see the pain in her eyes and the hurt in her concession speech [Nov.9th]. But, let us not forget that just two weeks ago during the third presidential debate, Trump adamantly called Hillary a NASTY WOMAN and said he would deliver on his promise to put her in jail for her email crimes, and not even 24 hours after the election – he delivers a ‘Kumbaya’ speech and calls for the country to come together. HUH?


Donald Trump has made some of the most volatile remarks about President Obama. Among his criticism about Obama’s ‘birther rights’ and two-term leadership, Trump repeatedly said  ” He’s The Worst President In United States History ” during his campaign trail and more .

I disagree with folks that say we somehow underestimated TRUMP’s ability to win. I mean, Trump had sold-out venues in every state where he campaigned, and has the most die-hard fans including wild wild west cowboy, John McGraw who was captured on video punching BLM protester, Rakeem Jones at a Trump rally in North Carolina.

Trumps exact words in response to the incident was  ‘I’d Like To Punch Him In The Face’ , and this is one of several offensive remarks from the self-proclaim sexist, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe and we haven’t even touched on all ‘the faithful tenant supporters’ of the billionaire’s Trump Tower establishment nationwide.

Trump’s appeal and pledge to boost the middle-class was also a ‘GAME CHANGER’ in this election and it swayed many democratic voters from Clinton who focused more on the latino and african american vote.


There was nothing to underestimate here, this election was CONFIRMATION of the good ole USA .The veil of America has been ripped off. America was not ready to concede their power to a female president and they wanted to restore white male authority – end of story.

We’re not even 48 hours in and we’re hearing about potential appointees of Trump’s cabinet personnel that includes Newt Ginrich, NJ Gov. Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Rudy Guiliani, and Sarah Palin. WATCH OUT FOLKS!  Trump is also speaking very differently about POTUS  following their first meeting, calling President Obama a man of respect, and someone who he plans to seek counsel from and work with after he takes his seat in the oval office.

In case you need a refresher, Trump has promised that he will restore the U.S economy and rule of law, adjust the immigration policy, increase jobs, get rid of Obama care, build a wall that Mexico will pay for, put an immediate stop of muslims entering the country until our government can figure out ‘what the hell is going on’, put Hillary in jail for her email crimes,  insert a more conservative supreme court official, and clean up Washington.

Trump’s win even had Russian President, Valdimir Putin excited to partner and re-build relations with the U.S.  Well folks, I guess we’ll have to see how all of this plays out in the new reality show.

Make America Great Again is slated to debut on January 20th, 2017.

One Love PLUMS !

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