Actress + Poet Ernestine Johnson Extends Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Song To Ignite Conversation + Bring UNITY Amongst Women


‘ Okay Ladies, Now Let’s In Formation, Prove To Me You Got Some Cooperation’

Beyonce’s ‘formation’ release was undoubtedly a record high for ‘feminists’ around the globe. Women pumping their fists in solidarity reminding us that ‘together we can’, showing a symbolic union for a ‘change’ to come but the question remains: Can Women Work Together?

In her latest performance poetry, actress, and spoken word artist, Ernestine Johnson doesn’t ask the question; she answers it .

‘ Iron Sharpens Iron So One Man’s Sharpens Another, When We Realize Two Heads Are Better Than One , Will Stop Competing With Each Other. ‘ – EJ

Sadly, women excluding other women from opportunities is not a thing of the past. In 2014, an article published by The Atlantic found ‘scientific studies’ that concluded the ‘race’ to gain a ‘competitive edge’ has ALOT to do with the divide amongst women hence why it is very prevalent in the workforce today especially in the entertainment industry. If we carefully examine Beyonce’s and Ernestine’s formation video we can conclude that this may very well be one of the biggest problem areas amongst women of color.

Last month Forbes, contributor Clare’ O Connor noted that ” Black Women Are The Fastest Growing-Group Entrepreneurs In The U.S ” and yet they are least group to receive funding for their start-ups! Why Is That?. Ernestine Johnson says:

‘ Iron Sharpens Iron So One Man’s Sharpens Another, When We Realize Two Heads Are Better Than One , Will Stop Competing With Each Other’ ……Imagine If Oprah Winfrey and Kathy Hughes Both Came Together To Create That Network – EJ

Two years ago, I had covered an all women talk panel event at New York University entitled Women On The Move’, and on-air personality Miss Info said this about her success. ” I Employ A Bunch Of Dudes. So That’s Kind Of Empowering For Women. I Will Also Say In My Career There Has Been More Men That Has Helped Me Than Women, And That’s Because Men Have A Luxury Of Not Feeling Threatened By Women, And That Has To Change. ”

Clearly, the problem of women working together with other women is deeper than ‘colorism’. So Where Does It Come From?  It seems that there are a few layers to this problem depending on one’ s experience.  In the poem video, Ernestine’s revisits her younger self with a new set of rules that excludes the ‘mean girl syndrome’. Ernestine is prideful of herself, without judgement of others. She is self-confident, and eager to build bonds with her fellow girl peers.

Interestingly, Beyonce shares a similar ‘boastful’ tale in her ‘formation’ video as she reflects on her younger self via Blue Ivy. ‘I like My Baby Hair With Baby Hair Afros’ is more than a simple rhyme. Beyonce is self-assured, without shame, and openly validates her African features, simultaneously re-assuring her daughter the same.

Ernestine reveals that  ‘Inadequacy’ and ‘Insecurity’ are major factors that prevent the ‘unity’ of women, suggests that girls and women ‘come together’, throw all their negativity into a ‘bonfire’ and form a true sisterhood. Could Beyonce be uttering the same? There seems to be this underlying ‘distrust’ that occurs amongst women [individually] that is secretly not forgiven or forgotten despite those would declare the opposite publicly. So How Do We Heal?

‘ Together We Are UnStoppable, The Perfect Definition Of Powerful, The Perfect Synonym Of Bountiful, Plentiful, Fruitful, Giving & Big Hearted So Let’s Link Up With Our Sisters, And Help Each Other Get Our Ideas Started, Let’s Put In The Ground Work, And Build Up Our Networks ‘ – EJ

As they say, CHANGE begins with each of us, so if each of us take ‘accountablity’ and ‘ownership’ our part in the process,  then ‘together’ we can have more collaboration, support, shared success, and U-N-I-T-Y amongst women.

Take a listen to Ernestine’s latest performance below:

To learn more about the California -bred actress,and poet head over to website HERE.

One Love PLUMS!

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