Black History Salute [Day 25]: Remembering Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon


I’d like to honor a woman whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for more than fifteen years, Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon [aka Ayanna]. Dr. Keefa was a certified naturepathetic wholistic practitioner, author, radio/media personality, and much more, but to me she was always first and foremost, my mother’s best friend.

From the time we met, the role she served [out of the spotlight] in my life was similar to an Aunt; she often checked in with me to see how things were going with school, work, family, along with health advice with a strong emphasis on ‘keeping the balance’ throughout the years. Dr. Keefa also offered me many business opportunities that she and my mother had ventured into together.

If you follow me on social media then you’ve probably notice my numerous ‘plugs’  over the years about ‘Jusuru’, drinking copius amounts of ‘Water’, ‘Wellness’, and my daily ‘Affirmations’ post followed by my usual hashtag ‘thirdeyereflections’ . It is through Dr. Keefa’s teachings and travel, my mother had affirmed a new approach to ‘Wellness’, ‘Reiki’ and ‘Mahikari Light‘ dedicating herself to serve others and her family for close to two decades. My mother passed down these teachings to her children.

‘ If It Weren’t For Dr. Keefa’s Water Station, 90% Of These Alkaline Water Companies All Across The U.S. Wouldn’t Even Be Around. ‘

Dr.Keefa And Mother In California At The 2014-2015] Jusuru Conference

Dr.Keefa And Mother In California At The 2014-2015 Jusuru Conference

Yesterday morning, I learned of Dr. Keefa’s passing from breast cancer and I was completely devastated. How Could This Be? – Was my first reaction!  The woman who had given most of her life serving, teaching, and healing others was now gone. I simply couldn’t grasp this notion. Yes, we all know that hue-man life on earth comes with an expiration date, but for those we love and are close to, we just assume that they will be with us until we’re old and grey therefore many of us are sort of  ‘numb’ to the idea that they may pass away ‘so soon’ in our life time.

I believe this is the very same reason why some of our loved ones [who become aware of their expiration date due to an illness] shield their illness from their loved ones as long as they can, to spare them from the pain of loss to come.

I had spoken to Dr. Keefa over the holiday break period. She called me on my cell phone in the early hours of the morning, just to say thank you for all the prayers and love that our family was sending her way. She was also checking in to speak with my mother whom she was trying to reach the previous day [and had not heard from as yet] but we still had a brief moment to chat and she told me that she was doing just fine, and in good spirits along with her new name that she wanted to be address by: Ayanna.


I never asked why, nor did I care. Twenty years ago, this woman cured herself from cervical cancer, she then made a pledge to serve others , while building a multi-million dollar brand in doing what she loved, and she dedicated her time to others more than she’d given herself and I bore witness to it all, so I was more than happy to oblige her wishes.

When I met Dr. Keefa, she was ‘seasoned’ in her craft, and she never stopped working. In addition to her pursuits and yearly travels to other countries and states where she’d taught and garnered new studies, Dr. Keefa taught weekly ‘live streams’ workshops at her Sankofa Learning Center, and she held a weekly radio segment on Detroit’s WCHB 99.9 Fm. I personally believed she coined the now popular term ‘transformational tuesdays’ along with overseeing the daily operations of her Golden Ray company; ‘The Water Station’‘Healthy Soul Food Store’, and ‘Sankofa Life’.

‘Dr. Keefa Made It Fashionable To Wear A Water Jug Instead Of Carrying A Purse. LOL. ‘


Back in 2012, I served as Dr. Keefa’s ‘social media marketing specialist’ for her one month  ‘No Soda’ campaign with Detroit Medical . This was the first initiative in Detroit, Michigan that challenged children and parents to take a journey of wellness for one month where their liquid intake would only include ‘alkaline water’. Dr.Keefa utilized her popular ‘Water Station’ store to distribute water to all participants involved in efforts to promote health and wellness in the community that she grew up in.

‘A Dis-Ease’ Cannot Live In An Alkanized Body’  – Dr. Keefa

The campaign was more than a trial run, when it ended. It changed the landscape of communication in Detroit, and impacted so many people in and around Atlanta, New York, Virginia, and Florida.

Dr. Keefa’s approach to nutrition was the same as her personality. She was fearless, full of laughter, firm, aggressive at times, and one of ‘tough love’ which I sometimes disagreed with but [for her] it was somehow a ‘NECESSARY’ teaching tool.  Her ‘less talking’ and more action’, motto is something that resonates with me NOW more than it ever had in recent months but there is one thing I’d wish for Dr. Keefa that I personally discovered in her final transition phase and that is: SELF CARE.

‘As Above, So Below Is The Wholistic Mantra

I think Dr.Keefa had come to this realization, in her final months and thus decided to be called ‘Ayanna’ and banish the ‘doctor’ titled name that she acquired due to her many accolades and mastery studies over the years.

Although, I’m saddened to write this article in past tense form, I’m also elevated by Ayanna’s loving spirit and hard work to pursue a life of purpose, and leave a positive legacy for future generations. I hope to leave some remarkable ‘footprints’ on this earth as Ayanna has done.

There Are Not Enough Words To Express Dr.Keefa’s Influence, Impact, Inspiring Love And Light That She Has Given To PEOPLE Across The Globe As A Result Of Her Passion In Wholistic And Nature Pathetic Services.

This News Of  Her Passing Struck Deeply At My Heart. I’m Still In Total Disbelief !  Gone But Never Forgotten. Love You Always Ayanna – Rest In Power Beautiful. Kaye Plum

To learn more about this extraordinary woman and her journey, feel free to purchase her critically acclaimed book ‘Standing In The Majesty Of Grace’ which is available on Amazon now. Her longstanding website also sums up the life and works of this amazing woman.

One Love PLUMS!

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