PLUM Interview: CHCKLK Debuts Self-Reflective Video ‘Young Boy’ +Talks Music Evolution, World Impact & More!


Having known Chcklk for a few years; he’s certainly not an artist driven by fame and fortune. He’s a great writer of versatility which is often conveyed through his music, but more than that, he’s a humble spirit with a genuine vibe.  Whenever we talk, it’s more like a conversation and a ‘catch up chat’ on what’s happening in our lives.

Last month,  Chcklk debut his newly release video  ‘Young Boy’ and premiered it on the FADER. I reached out to him soon thereafter to congratulate him on his return to music and we chatted for a few.

PLUM: You Have Always Displayed Rhythm And Poetry Lyrical Content In Your Previous Music ; More ‘Rapping’ Than ‘Singing’ , But Was There A Turning Point In Your Musical Direction Or Are We Simply Witnessing The Evolution Of Chcklk?

Chcklk: About two and a half years ago, I hit a point where, I just felt the urge to draw outside the lines and be more creative. I don’t want to say I felt boxed in as a ‘rapper,’ but there was something telling me to branch out and experiment. So I locked myself in my apartment with my producer Rohme, a keyboard, guitar, and microphone for the next year, and proceeded to do just that. It took us so damn long before we actually stumbled upon a sound that we both loved and thought we could be consistent with.


PLUM: Your Newly Releases Seems To Be An Extension Of A More Self-Reflective Journey In Love, Relationships And Life Experience Which We See On Track  ‘The One’ and ‘Young Boy’  – Would That Be Accurate?

Chcklk: The sound is definitely not exclusive to any one genre, and that’s why I think listeners with eclectic ears are taking to it so well. Yeah, these first two songs we released are very introspective. I didn’t make a conscious decision to do that, I guess it’s just a reflection of the type of songwriter I’ve become in the past couple years.

I feel more in tune with my identity nowadays, and that includes being able to come to terms with my flaws and weaknesses as a human. I actually enjoy finding those things out about myself. I never took the time to learn about myself until recently, and it’s just really enlightening.

My End Goal Is Honestly More About Making A Positive Impact On The World Than It Is To Just Become A Successful Artist


PLUM: What Can We Expect From Your Upcoming EP/ And Or Album?

Chcklk: I can’t tell you what’s coming in the future as far as projects because we’re just playing this thing by ear at this point. I’m just getting warmed up ya know. We have so much content, we’re just gonna start letting a lot of it loose one by one, along with visuals, and see where it takes us. But if I’m a betting man, I’d probably say you’ll see a complete body of work from CHCKLK sometime in March of next year.

In the new track, ‘Young Boy’ , Chcklk tells the tale of young boy who is constantly met with adversity. By the end of video, his life appears to be ending and the young man comes face-to-face with his younger-self . Chcklk echo’s the young boy’s pain in the chorus.

A Story Of Young Boy/
Who Grew Into A Young Man/
Who Grew Into His Own Skin/
Didn’t Choose The Game/
But It Chose Him/
And You Can Hear Start Coaxing/

Chcklk told Fader: ” It’s like a portal into understanding my outlook on life, which is always double-sided. It’s the fork in the road that I always find myself revisiting. Do I want to continue to chase success, which could inevitably mean the erosion of my values and everything I stand for? Or do I skip on any chance of living comfortably, and fight for the beliefs of myself and others. It’s like the old proverb: there are two wolves inside us all. Which one wins? The one you feed.”

Take a watch at Chcklk new video ‘Young Boy’ Release:

One Love PLUM’s!

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