Dr.Umar Johnson On Black Entrepreneurship, The MisEducation , Homosexuality Agenda, & The Black Future!


New York’s Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club deliver yet another explosive and controversial interview with Clinical Psychologist and Therapist, Dr. Umar Johnson. I recently sat with a group of close peers about this particular interview there were many opinions tossed around the room regarding Johnson’s stance on black enterprise, the mis-education of ADHD, and homosexuality and more.

Johnson [who is the descendant of Fredrick Douglas] adamantly affirms that he stands on the shoulders of his forefather’s and there is job to be done, and a dire need for more unification and organization in the black community to save black men and the entire black race.

Get into some of his remarks below:

The Problem With Montessori Schools: 

” They’re ungraded, and I do alot of evaluation for Montessori schools. If you have a black kid going to a Montessori school from K-5th grade and then your parents decide to put you in a public school or private school at 6th grade. You were in an ungraded environment for six years. I don’t what your child reading level is, nor your math level is, and that I stick you back into a graded environment and then I find out that your three levels behind.

Now, part of the Montessori philosophy is that children go at their own pace. Well guess what, if your coming from the hood, you don’t benefit from white privilege, you can’t afford to be going at your own pace. Now, Sally in the suburbs whose daddy owns five corporations, she can be dumb as a doorknob, but she is still going to run that corporation when daddy retires. “

On Multiculturalism: 

” I’m not a multi-culturist and the reason I am not is because multiculturalism has been used to attack the black agenda. The reason they want African Americans to pay attention to everybody else’s issues rather than their own is a way to detract from our self worth. We didn’t get the Civil Rights bill by being multicultural, we got it be by advocating for the discrimination against African Americans.

That’s not to say that you can’t have collaborations with organizations representing other cultures, because there is nothing wrong with that but you [blacks] need to make sure you’re sticking to your agenda because everyone does. The Jewish community sticks to their agenda, latino’s stick to their agenda do, arab, asian, and east indians- they stick to their agenda, and African Americans has this issue of always wanting to include everyone else and in the end you get what you got with the Civil Rights bills, a situation where everyone else benefits more from something your ancestors died for. “

On His Controversial Stance On Homosexuality/Agenda [21min mark]:

” I don’t hate nobody. As a therapist I do therapy with homosexual males all the time and for alot of them one of the precipitating issues that led to the homosexuality was childhood molestation by an adult while they were still a child, so I have an empathy for that so I am not going to be ridiculing somebody because they’re gay, lesbian, or bisexual because I know there’s issues in their childhood that helped bring that about.

But at the same time, I reserve the right to say that I don’t think this is in the best interest of my community. I don’t hate you but I am not going to support it because I don’t see the long term benefit of practicing this type of behavior. “

Do you think people are born gay – asks Yee?

” No, its totally environmental, learned behavior and there is no conclusive evidence to support it -says Johnson! Alot of murderers say they were born murderers, alot of pedophiles say they were born pedophiles. So if we’re going to say there’s a ‘gay gene’ then we’re going to have to open up the conversation and say that there’s a ‘pedophile gene’. Which means if I molest children then I shouldn’t go to jail for it because after all it was in my DNA. So, we got to be careful when we open up one door; you got to open all of them doors.

When the The DSM 5 [The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders], came out last year, that’s the bible of all diagnosis said they accidentally forgot to put pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Having sex with kids was accidentally not listed in the DSM, and they had to quickly fix to change that, but I think they did that on purpose because there is an organization

called the North American Association for man and boy love; they’re trying to normalize and legalize pedophilia…..Once you say something is‘normal’ its easy to make it ‘legal’. “

On The ‘Causes Of Homosexuality’ Dr. Umar says:

” The absentee of that same sex parent. When a boy doesn’t get that love from his father that can create a thirst in him for masculine energy. What he wants is a father, because a boy has a love affair with his dad; not sexual but psychological. Your dad is who makes you a man so if that dad was not there to do that sometimes your thirst, your desire for that parental masculine supervisory figure can lead you to hunt for it, and what is nothing more than a love or need for a father gets misunderstood and re-interpreted by popular culture as your desire to have sex with that man.

…….Same thing with the girl, she never had her mom. She’s still thirsty for that, but I will say this of females. Lesbianism is often triggered by abuse sexual, physical, and verbal by males, and alot of teenage lesbian sisters who were not sexually assaulted end up becoming lesbian because of this growing hatred and dissatisfaction with black manhood and what it can do for them, and even for other cultures there’s a growing dissatisfaction with the role that the man is playing.

Like when I talk to the lesbian students at my school they’ve told me ‘ Oh no Dr. Umar’ I know I wasn’t born gay. I chose this because men ain’t no damn good. I was raped, I was beat, I been abused, my daddy ain’t been there, so why would I want to be with one of ya’ll, I’d rather be with a woman. “

On Cultural Appropriation:

” One of our biggest weakness as a people.  The one product that we [blacks] own exclusively is MUSIC. It’s America’s second leading export. You mean to tell me that Hip Hop is a black product; a trillion dollar economy, and we don’t control ‘no shares’ of that – that’s insane! Imagine if we control black music… if you control that every community would have what it needs, from hospitals, to jobs, and so on.  

So we have to look at how we [going back to our issues of loving everybody else and not loving ourselves enough] have to ask ourselves, why do we create so much and pass it over to people outside the culture and then when Macklemore, and Eminem get album of the year, or considered the best rapper of all time, we get upset. But you’re the one who made it comfortable for them to come in and colonize your art form because you said ALL music matters and not just BLACK music matters. 

If you notice with cultural products, most cultures they build a protection around it. You don’t see Jewish culture being exploited, you don’t see Mexican culture being exploited, You don’t see East Indian culture being exploited. The only culture that gets exploited on the globe is the black culture, because we feel there’s something wrong with saying this is for black folks primarily. “

Dr. Umar Johnson also re-address the emphasis of black reconstruction beginning with schools. Johnson latest call to action via gofundme is to purchase HBCU St Paul’s College [which was closed down 2013 and in need of 2 million dollars to restore]. Johnson says that school will give proper instruction and guide to young black men on everything from how to make a living and navigating responsibly in the world we live in. What is white supremacy? Why are black folks in the conditions that they’re in when their grossing a trillion dollars? Learning how to eat to live by providing a dietary and nutritional curriculum, and a financial curriculum which will teach them how to do their own taxes, invest in stocks, and write their own business portfolio. 

To learn more about Dr.Umar Johnson’s initiative click HERE, and feel free to listen to the full interview or the remaining portion at the 29 min mark. 

One Love PLUMS!

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