Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill [An Item], Ex-BF Safaree Finally Speaks Out In Recent Interview



Nicki Minaj’s latest album release “The Pink Print” had finally cracked the vault into her personal life with longtime rumored [now ex-boyfriend] Safaree [SB] Samuels. Back in 2011, it was rumored that the two had got engaged after they were spotted wearing matching ‘engagement’ rings, but neither of the two ever confirmed the relationship publicly so it hit the rumor closet with many to follow until now.

The couple’s 14-year union hit its last bump in the road in September of 2013 says SB.

Both Nicki and SB admit while their inner circle of friends, and industry peers were well aware of their relationship they chose to keep their love-life discreet from the fans for the sake of the brand and business.

Nicki cried tears of heartache during her December interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 radio where she noted that their recent break-up took a huge toll on her life and it was extremely difficult for her to start over.

Nicki alluded that if it were not for ‘fame’ she and SB would have been happily married with children right now.

Rick Ross &  Girlfriend Ming Lee, Wale & Girlfriend, and Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj at a Philly Nightclub 2015

Rick Ross & Girlfriend Ming Lee, Wale & Girlfriend, and Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj at a Philly Nightclub 2015

However, she did slightly confirm the recent rumors of her current relationship with rapper, Meek Mill. Nicki gushed like a ‘girl on her first date’ when asked if she loved Meek, which insinuates that the union is pretty fresh for the two, but she’s happy nonetheless.

Interestingly, Meek shares the same feelings and he mentions their union on his recent single ‘CREAM’ [around the 1:30 mark] HERE.

Last week [Jan. 9th] SB  was spotted on a dinner date with model, Candice Brooks whom he’s said to be currently dating.

So what is the reason for the split, and why is it spilling all over in the public arena?  Well, SB finally breaks his silence after he was called out as a ‘CORNY’ guy by comedian Lil Duval and Nicki Minaj.

SB sat down with Power 105.1 ‘The Breakfast Club’ show for a one-hour exclusive chat to answer the questions that we all wanted answers to. Was he a paid hypeman? Did he co-write any of Nicki’s lyrics? The Reason for the split?, Did he cheat?, Did he ever hit Nicki?, Does he still love her? Why didn’t he reconcile the relationship? , Why he’d never try to trap her with a child?, Did he actually introduce Nicki to Meek Mill? and more.

SB made it very clear while lip smacking that he never intends to humiliate Nicki publicly like she’d recently done, and notes that he had many opportunities from a-list magazines, and talk shows to conduct exclusive interviews but he chose the ladder, and warns that Nicki should do the same.

” I will never do anything publicly to try to pull her down. What happened between me and her one one one, it was personal and it’s was between her and I so,… I could tell a million stories and doing cornball s–t, but I’m not going to that – says SB. I just think its crazy for her to come out and say that I ‘m corny and all of that.  I don’t care who she’s with, it doesn’t mean anything to me.  I am happy she’s moved on because I’m moving on! “

In both interviews, it was pretty evident that the two still love each other deeply and are hurting from the break-up,  but their chances of reuniting are pretty slim right now.  SB refers to Nicki as his soul-mate but he firmly believes that ‘no union’ can survive without respect.

Check out a few excerpts below:

On Whether He Was Ever A Hype Man:

” I was everything…. whenever we were in the studio it was me, her and a producer. The Pink Friday productions, she and I own all of that….”

On The Break-Up:

” I’m not going to say that I broke up with her but I walked away, I am the one who packed my stuff and moved out…. It got to the point where the respect was gone… just the was way she [pause] I don’t want to get too deep, but everyone around works for her [you know] , and it got to the point where it was like, I  am your man, I am the one who you go to sleep with every night and I’m the one you wake-up to every mornings, and it got to the point where I was being treated like her ’employee’ and not her ‘man’. “

On Nicki Never Claiming The Relationship But Claiming The Break-up Publicly Now:

” I never understood that. Either people were living in a fairytale or whatever but everyone around us knew.”

On His Feelings Of Nicki Kissing Lil Wayne, Nas, and Giving Drake A Lap Dance:

” Safaree explains he remained for the sake of the brand: Maybe because I was dealing with it so long that it seem like a norm to me. I really was so numb to all of that so for me it was like, it is was it is….I definitely felt that there was some stuff that didn’t have to be done but it is what it is. “

On Why He Didn’t Reconcile With Nicki:

” You know, Fame And Money, you can’t put a price on a piece of mine. People on the outside looking in  are like, man you’re out of your mine, you need to get your girl back, but… “

Did He Write Any Of Nicki’s Lyrics:

” Listen, man every artist gets help. “

On His Response Nicki’s recent agreeance with negative commentary from others that have called him ‘CORNY’ :



” If anything I always tried to uplift her publicly. For me to put tattoos of your face all over my on my body and showing the world that I think your the most amazing person at what you do, and I would say it on a stage of 20,000 people and say ‘Make some noise for the illest girl alive’  and I don’t take that away from her… – SB . “

Feel free to watch the full interview below:

Nicki recently debut an emotional 15-minute documentary visual which features a few stand out records on her latest album ‘The Pink Print’. Take a watch below:

One Love PLUM’S!

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