PLUM Chat With Singer, Audrey Rose. Talks New EP, Working W/Troy Ave, School Boy Q, Music Style, Inspirations & More!



Who Is Audrey Rose?

The industry newcomer was born and raised in Central New Jersey in a small town on the shores of the beach. Birthed from Puerto Rican, and Dominican parents, Audrey Rose says her upbringing was fusion of her grass roots culture and American influences. Her love for music started at an early age along with her passion and desire to be a singer.

” I did alot of black history talent showcases, and I had this  huge artist obsession with Alicia Keys. “I would always perform ‘Fallen’ so they would call me little Alicia –says Rose. “

Audrey Rose [real name ‘Natalie]  gives a chilling testimony on how she adopted her stage following the passing of her mother at the early stages of her adolescence.

” My mother passed away when I was 4 years old. Her first name was Audrey, and I always felt like I wanted to live the life that she didn’t get to live. When I decided to choose a name I knew I wanted something with Rose so I chose Audrey Rose.

” Funny that, when I went to search the name to see who has the name the first thing that popped up was thriller movie in the 1970’s named ‘Audrey Rose’ which is about a father who lost his daughter [whose name was Audrey Rose] and years later she’s reincarnated. So I thought it was really trippy that my mother’s first name was Audrey and feel as though I am a reincarnation of her so I went with Audrey Rose .


Audrey spoke  touched lightly on her upcoming ‘EP’ which she’s gearing to release before the end of this year. She is still putting the final touches on song selections and title name but Audrey promises that the ‘EP’ will provide fans with a ‘clear insight of who she is’.

Take a read at our full interview below:

PLUM:Your new single ‘That Love’ debut this week on itunes. How did the collaboration with Troy Ave come about?

Rose: ” We didn’t have a rapper on the song initially, and we were pondering on it. You know, Troy Ave is a new rapper on the East Coast and he’s f—king dope, and I didn’t want to grab someone typical. “

PLUM:Will there be additional features on the ‘EP’?

Rose: I do have a couple of features, but for the most part I want the fans to really hear me out, but features will come down the road.

PLUM: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

Rose: I’ve always been a singer, but I love Madonna, Toni Braxton, Mariah  Carey, Michael Jackson . I love the 90′ s R&B, Donell Jones, Joe, Music Soulchild,…Gwen Stefani,

PLUM: On Being An Independent Artist & Signing To A Major Label: There are many independent artist today that  feels as though that direction is just as good as the signing with a major label [if not better]  because they have more  control over the creative process? What are your thoughts?

Rose: ” I always be in control of my creativity, I would never want anyone to control that  because you know everything is from heart…..that’s not really like [pause] my thing is I just want people to hear me. However they hear I just want my music out there and whatever comes along. ”

PLUM: Do you stand in the same position as artist who feel that there is no genre of music; there’s good music and bad music?

Rose: ” Yes, Absolutely!  All artists inspire me, and I don’t want to put myself in a ‘genre’ because some days  I feel rock, some days I feel hip -hop, and some days I feel like crying my heart out. “


PLUM: Will we hear any personal experiences that you’ve gone through in the relationship, and what is the musical vibe that we can expect?

Rose: ” The songs are all personal experiences that I’m sure that we can all relate to.  You’ve got some sexy in there, some heartbreak in there. We’re in a debate right now but I might have to put the realest records that I ever wrote on the ‘EP’. “

PLUM: Your a beautiful woman, and the fans want to know is Audrey Rose single?

” Audrey Rose is single by choice. I’ve never been one of those girls who needed someone to make me feel complete…If it comes along then it’s going to come organically, but right now I definitely don’t have a bonjor. ”

PLUM: Ok, so in dating what are some attributes do you look for in an ideal partner?

Rose: ” I need someone to make me laugh I’m super quirky, and I’m really never in a bad mood, so I need some one with good vibes.  I love uplifting You know what they say, if you can make a girl laugh then. you can make her do anything..[laughs] ”


PLUM: What Sets Your Music Apart From The Current Competition?

 Rose: ” My music is super raw. I’m Natalie when I’m not in the studio. I’m going to give you fans a little bit of everything.”

PLUM: You did a wonderful cover track to School Boy Q’s hit song ‘Studio’ and its buzzing all over youtube. What inspired you to do that, and How do you like the response thus far?

Rose: ” When that song came out, I would always sing the hook., which I always do with most rap songs].  My producer was like this would be dope so we got the cameraman and then we shot the studio video a couple of days later. I was surprised I got the feedback that I was getting. No one did that song [acoustically] so.. I was happy about that”

PLUM: You recently debut your new single ‘That Love”  performed at NYC Liberty Theater, and you were well received from the audience. Was this you first time performing in the single?

Rose:  ” Yeah, I’ve performed in NYC prior, but this was my first time debuting my new single.  It was an awesome feeling and I was overwhelmed by the love from the audience. ”

PLUM:What are your thoughts on the current state of music now?

Rose:  ” R&B today is not the same’.  I’m just going to have to use myself as an example. My R&B influence idol is Mary J. Blige … there’s no Mary sound out there that gives me that feel, it’s alot of bubble gum, and I want to give that feel to my fans. ”

‘That Love’ is available for purchase on itunes now + watch her recent live performance at NYC Liberty theater  HERE

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