The Game: “Don’t Shoot” Ft. Fabolous, Diddy, Rick Ross, Wale, Pharoah, Swizz Beatz & More!


Rappers Take A Stand!

Rapper, Game debut a tribute song in honor of  the slain teen Michael Brown entitled “Don’t Shoot”. Game recruited his close industry peers for the collaborative song to bring awareness to the youth about the ongoing problems with black men in America.

The featured artist on the track are Rick Ross, Wale, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, Currency, Problem King Pharoah & TGT  [Tyrese, Genuine, & Tank]

The opening chorus line of the song says it all: ” God Did Not  Put Us On This Earth To Get Murdered “

During a recent interview with CT’s Hot 93.7 , Game explains his thoughts on the Michael’s Brown death,and why he chose to out a record.

” One thing that came to my mind when I heard about what happened to [Mike Brown]  was you know,…. I was SHOCKED, and the second was ANGRY just like everybody else – says Game

The Inspiration Of The Song:

” I first reached out to Diddy, because I see him as a big brother and mentor so once he jumped on it, I hit up Rick Ross, Wale, Fab, and everybody else. The song was completed in three days. “

” The rebel of the cause that’s one the record is definitely rapper Pharoah’s verse, but I think his opinion was needed because most people   so I’m grateful to have these different artists and different voices of America to help bring awareness to the youth of what’s really going one.

What Have We Learned From Ferguson:

” We will learn that it’s going to take more than a song, and instagram to STOP IT, and I don’t know necessarily whats going to stop it  but I wanted to  do my part in promoting the ‘positivity’ of it all. “

From a personal stance, I like the record. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite lines of the song from each of the artists

Sidebar: The song almost reached my A+ list for the non-usage of the  N-word or profanity but they surely kept to it minimal. Okay -fellas  I appreciate the effort in removing

Diddy: We Got To Stick Together , We All We Got, When Police Taking Shots, And I Ain’t Talking About Ciroc….. Trayvon Over Skittles, Brown Over Cigarello’s .. I’m talking about Emmitt Teal, Sean Bell, They Never Go To Jail For.

Fabolous:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words, That’s What I Heard,  Shot Down, With His Hands Up…..That’s  What Occurred, Man That Sounds Absurd… Man That Sound Like…MURDER!

Rick Ross: Hands In The Sky, Still Was Left In The Road, The Price Is Your Life, Uncle Sam [U,S.] Want A Slice.

2Chainz:  Tired Of The The Okie Doke, Playing Us Like Pinocchio, Driving While Black, Tell Me Where I’m Suppose To Goo… People Praying on their feet,  Police Holding On Their Heat, Turned On The TV And See Tanks Rolling Down The Street.

Wale: ” Because Everybody Cares For A Minute, Then We Stop…….I’m A Part Of A Generation That Don’t Want Us “

Swizz Beatz: Armageddon Is Going Down Right Here, Not On TV But Right Here…….But Your Flags In The Air,  We Need Justice Here

Tyrese, Genuine, & Tank sings, Where Does It End….Mercy Mercy Mercy, Only God Can Save Us!

” I Am Michael Brown, Because I Am Stand For What He Stands For, News Say We Looting, Paint Pictures Like We Some Animals “

” Television Broadcast Of A Confused Country, I’m A Resident Of A Country That Don’t Want Me! ” 

Take a listen below and or listen via youtube here :

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