Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives Episode 3 Drama With Suzie, Shaunie & Evelyn!

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VH1 reality star, Tami Roman defended herself as she dished on the episode three of Basketballwives [that aired last night at 8pm]. Tami was deemed the trouble maker yet again as the show unveiled that Tami has coerced fello cast mate Suzie to inquire about an infidelity scandal that had allegedly brewed with new cast member Tasha Murberry [Stephen Murberry’s wife].  Suzie sure followed the instructions and brought up the subject while at Murberry’s house dinner gathering. Luckily for Murberry, the silent shade was of no surprise and she admitted to the affair while noting that the cheating of men has no limits despite fame or money.

Well, Tami admits to speaking with Suzie about the affair but notes that she only asked Suzie to use the information if Tasha turned out to be not an unfriendly camper. Tami also advises that Suzie fess up the truth at the reunion show as she told Suzie not to bring it up the scandal just moments before they entered Murberry’s home [although producers did not not air that].  Tami also defended her actions for speaking with Shaunie O’neal about being pre-judged and giving others forewarning of her “it can go right or wrong”  personality and why she was absent from Evelyn Lozado Peta campaign/birthday party.

Here’s the excerpts:

“I really wanted to talk to Shauni about this whole “it can go really right or wrong thing”.  Listen – everybody has a past and if you don’t have it then you ain’t living.  I have done some things in the past that yes,  I openly acknowledge that I did  those things and I’m not too proud of those things but you know what I’m working on myself NOW and that’s what matters to me . So I felt that there didn’t need to be a precursor, there didn;t need to be an introduction. Let Tami go up and meet this woman and let this woman meet me. And I still stand firmly on that. “

On Shaunie tattle-telling to Evelyn about her meeting with Tami:

“Now Shaunie got some balls and she wanted to say what she wanted to say and go have a conversation with Evelyn.  And I didn’t hear none of that – to me. And how I  You know what I ma tired of  Not one word of this. How I toss my hair like this and talk real slow through my teeth. So that’s another thing we will address at the reunion. You know because at the end of the day I am tired of trying to tell people who I am and convince people who I am.  I think I should be afforded the opportunity to let people get to know me. I don’t want to keep living as the Tami Roman of old. And yes,  I’m not saying that Tami Roman doesn’t exist because although I might live on a new block that b*tch [referring to her old self] is right around the corner. But coming in a new  situation [just once] let somebody get to know me and let me get to know them and that’s all that I was asking when talking to Shaunie. “

On not attending  Evelyn’s b-day party/Peta campaign launch party:

“Let me say this. I don’t hate on none of ya’ll b*tches, and ya’ll know that. The truth of the matter is my mother was in the hospital. And this is not a motherf— tv show this is real life. And I was dealing with some real issues here with my mother in and out of the hospital and living on her death bed trying to recover. So you guys know why I was not at that party. And to imply that I was hating on Evelyn or anybody else is “dead ass wrong” because I’m the only chick in this clique that supports everybody and what everybody their doing. My mother was in the hospital and she has no longer and I’m still dealing with the loss of my mother. so don’t you ever try to imply in this lifetime when you know I was dealing with some real stuff.”

And lastly on her estranged relationship with Shaunie O’neal whom she’s been friends with for over 17 years:

“This is not a game for me. There are people out there that have lost their parents and this is some real stuff that I’m dealing with. This was taped in October [of 2012] And having to watch these shows week after week….. I’m having to re-live all of those emotions and feelings. My children have to re-live this. This is not funny, or a joke. This is my real life! And I do what I do on this show to bring my real life to ya’ll and the real stuff that I’m dealing with . And no I don’t deal with the everything the right way every week. But I’m human and I’m taking my steps and living my journey week after week. But my mother – that’s a very serious subject for me. I can’t pick up the phone and call my mother, I can’t go see my mother  and I can’t do anything with my mother anymore and that is not a game for me. [starts crying].”

“Now ya’ll see me talking to Shaunie and you know we’ve called each other cousins for seventeen years. And I felt so comfortable talking to Shaunie about my mother and I wouldn’t take it back because it was a time I needed someone to talk to and she was there. So much has happened. My mother is no longer here and Shaunie and I are no longer talking and my hearty hurts every time I have to see an episode with my mother.”

you can listen the full read below:

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