MTA Bus Operator Shot In The Bronx While Visiting His Family! Gunman Still On The Loose!


Hey PLUM’s. It is with great sadness that I write this particular story but I can no longer sit back and cry repeatedly while JUSTICE is not yet served and the real story is not yet told.  On Wednesday [March 27th] My brother “Benjamin Dunbar” [whose known to most as Benji]  an MTA BUS Operator, was SHOT by an unknown gunman in the South Bronx while visiting his “grandfather“.  According to surveillance video [by Channel 12 news] reports:

In the late evening of Wednesday [March 27th] at approximately [7:30pm] a gunman [of hispanic decent] was seen walking behind two men [Benji and a friend ] up the hill of Elsmere and Marmion Ave in the East Tremont section of the Bronx. The gunman trailed the men as they turned onto Fairmount Place, and as they approached their building destination, the gunman unleashed rounds of fire from a revolver gun. Channel 12 news reported the following:

The 48th Precinct police say a suspect walked up from behind and shot two men in the chest before fleeing. The two victims are in stable condition at Saint Barnabas Hospital. 

What’s wrong with this two-sentence report of a story is that it mentions no names of the victims involved, nor the fact that one victim in particular is a MTA CITY WORKER, who was SHOT while off-duty.  And although they now have video surveillance of the GUNMAN there was little investigation done in trying to get a clear physical description of the SUSPECT at large.

Sidebar: Had this been a police officer [A CITY WORKER]  we would have already knew the name, and face of the suspect [the day of the shooting] and this story would have reached every televised news channel in the country; not to mention the MANHUNT that would’ve been underway. But let’s forgive channel 12 [at this moment] for their minute by minute local reports and lack of humanity thereof on the day to day shootings that occur in the bronx.

So What Really Happened Here And Why Was The Gunman Trailing These Two Men?

That is what my family is trying to figure out.  Here’s what we were told.

My brother [Benji] was given time off from work on Monday [March 25th] after a physical examination showed that he would be in need of “foot surgery” in order to fully perform his duties as a “bus operator“. As he prepped himself for surgery this upcoming Monday [April 1] he had learned that his grandfather, who is 80 years old [had take ill and was hospitalized on Sunday [March 24th], and was said to be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday [March 27th] therefore Benji decided to pay his grandfather a visit later on the evening of March 27th. As Benji walked up the hill from the East Tremont/Marmion Avenue section of the south bronx, he stopped to talk to a neighborhood friend [who he’d grew up with] on the corner of Elsmere and Marmion Avene. Another longtime friend [the second person who was shot] approached Benji,  and the two proceeded up the hill and made a slight right onto Fairmount Place towards my grandfather’s building. As the two [Benji and friend] reached the basement area of their destination, intuition intervened and his friend turned to look behind him and notice the gunman pulling down his “Ski mask” and  aiming his gun towards them.  The first bullet struck the friend, and Benji tried to bring the two of them to safety in his grandfather’s house but the gate [which is located a few feet from the basement door [where my grandfather lives] was jammed at first [causing delay] and the gunman proceeded to shoot. Benji was SHOT in the back and immediately fell to the ground and the “Gunman” proceeded to SHOOT after the friend [who managed to make it to safety in the backyard corridor of the basement and call for help] while bleeding profusely from suffering two SHOTS to the chest.

So Why Am I  Sharing This Story?

I want this to be a wake-up call to EVERYONE. My brother is not some random “black guy” who was caught up in the streets. He has a name and a story and should be honored in the matter. He is not a CRIMINAL and was the VICTIM in this case for simply going to look for his family. He is a GOOD SAMARITAN!  For many people who know him [both at MTA and personally] know that Benji is a die hard NY Giants fans, and basketball fanatic. He is one of the most loving, friendly, humorous, and decent men out here. Despite his dark skin and his dread locks his character is quite the opposite from his appearance. He’s a 30 year old, MTA city “bus operator” whose passionate about helping people. He loves LIFE, and was seeking to start a family once he settled in his career. My brother [Benji] has no children yet he lies in the hospital bed fighting for his life.

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GUNS are a serious threat, and there is way too many GUNS on the streets and in the hands of many young YOUTHS who at any moment of ANGER, DISRESPECT, or feeling of INFERIORITY,  ready to TAKE A LIFE Of ANOTHER and witnesses [because that’s the street code] because it brings some sort of GRATIFICATION and COMFORT of the EGO.

But does anyone ever pay attention to what KARMA is really about.  What goes around comes around! And while I’m ENRAGED and FURIOUS at what has happened [and too feel the need to pick up a gun and find the SHOOTER and inflict the same PAIN on his family] , I have to humble myself, have faith and ALLOW GOD to do his work in seeking justice because at some point an “Eye for and Eye” simply does not bring PEACE nor will it change the outcome of my brother’s current condition. Keeping in mind that GOD is Omnipresent and Omnipotent; we STRONGLY feel that JUSTICE will be SERVED and SOON.

I ask the SHOOTER to TURN HIMSELF IN  and ANYONE  that knows ANYTHING please alert the police and or call 1800-577- TIPS. If your scared to speak up – ask yourself what if this was your sibling, parent, or family member. Wouldn’t you want to do all that you can to bring JUSTICE to your family?

My younger brother Benji at his 30th b-day dinner on February 16th, 2013

My younger brother Benji and I at his 30th b-day dinner on February 16th, 2013

To my brother Benji, I will continue to INVESTIGATE, and share this story until the SHOOTER is brought to Justice.

On the Behalf Of My Family And I, We Would Like to thank Each and Every One for their continued PRAYERS and WELL WISHES for our loving brother Benji Dunbar.

Our FAMILY is STRONG and we  will be working DILIGENTLY in SEEKING JUSTICE and assuring the BEST OPTIMUM CARE for him. We ask that you continue to keep in your PRAYERS!

Thanks for listening once again and Please share this story!


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