Video: Evelyn Lozado On “Iyanla Fix My Life” Show [Part 1, 2]

As the saying goes: What The Mind Conceives, It Will Achieve!

Oprah was absolutely correct when she stated that this interview would change people’s perception of Evelyn Lozado and I’ll just speak for my self and say that given some of the revelations that were shared about Evelyn’s family history and her’s as well, I respect Evelyn’s honesty and ability to speak so publicly about her truth [in front of the world] while accepting the role that she has played in the public perception and in her relationship with Chad Johnson.

The two part special show kicked off last week. Iyanla went to visit the Evelyn prior to her getting married to Chad in the early summer of 2012. Chad Johnson [opted not to partake in the interview] and during that interview everything seemed to look good on the surface. Evelyn was about to get married, her spin-off show was about to debut, and she had all material items to prove that she was indeed “A Factor B–h” But, Evelyn covered up most of her “ugly truth” during the first taping. Rather than reveal the real reason why she was walking down the aile, Evelyn was caught up in the spotlight of fame and felt as though she was finally become a ‘WIFE‘ and despite the infidelities, and abuse that was going since her courtship with Chad Evelyn dismissed it to 1) protect Chad’s public image and 2) preserve her self worth

Some of the revelations that was aired in part 1 is Evelyn’s family history. Evelyn’s mother talked about the pattern of behavior that exists among the women in Evelyn’s family and how Evelyn’s was only acting out what she had known all of her life growing up.

Here’s some excerpts of Part 1

In the second part show [which aired last night] Iyanla revisits Evelyn after  the headbutting incident and rather than deliver the “I told you so speech“, Iyanla allowed Evelyn to confront herself and OWN all of her flaws, fears and karma, while noting to Evelyn’s that Change can only come to her, if she is willing to make that change even if it means losing it all and starting all over again“.

“You’ve been rewarded for being out of order and a “thug” among woman. You got to get that and only you can change it. We have to know what it is gonna cost you to become the truth of who you are. Because it’s gonna cost you. You get paid for that! Will you get paid for being the truth of who you are as a woman in this world?”

There was alot of revelations that came out in this interview. Evelyn talked about her promiscuity as a teenager, looking for love in all the wrong places as a result of not having her father in her life. Evelyn also noted that although Chad was the one pursuing the marriage, the signs were all there, but she got caught up in public concept of what it could do for her image and  self worth [which she felt she was unworthy for a long time], and ultimately, all that was set to come with her new found relationship. So what was different about this incident? Well, Evelyn says that she too has overcome fear and the shame of public perception. She was afraid, she knew that Chad wasn’t going to change, and ultimately she had to become the deciding “Factor” in her life

“After the incident. I left with the close on my back. I have not gone back to our house in Miami. I didn’t care if I was going to be living in a one-bedroom” And that’s where I am right now.”

To all you haters, this is a sign of TREMENDOUS GROWTH coming from the Prada, Gucci, Loubiton Queen herself.  Evelyn gets two PLUM’s up for that one!

Here’s some excerpt clips  of part 2.

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