[Photos] Chrissy Lampkin Before And After Dental Work

The Price Of Fame Sure Has It’s Sacrifices!

While awaiting a dentist appointment, an anonymous person was flippin through the office magazine which showed men and women who had some dental work done and to the reader’s surprise a photo of Chrissy Lampkin popped right up.

The reality star is pictured with her before and after shot. Now the real question is whether or not the dental office breached patient /doctor confidentiality agreement by showing her in their office catalog book. Nonetheless, its’ no secret that the star had some work done on her teeth, as it was rumored that her ex-boyfriend [prior Jim Jones] obliged to pay for it after she threatened to report him to authorities after he allegedly knocked her teeth out.

Well, the money was worth it because Chrissy teeth were pearly white afterwards, and I’m sure, just like Chrissy, ┬ámany people would love to get their teeth whitened and or cosmetically altered if they had the money.

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